Effects of Dry Air on the Body

If you are living an arid dry climate or probably it is already winter time, you need to read through this article on the effects of dry air on the body. In this places or season indoor air seems to get dried out owing to changes in climatic condition.

However, to fix dry in a whole house while saving cost what you need is a best whole house humidifier while saving cost of getting separate single room units.

Effects of Dry Air on the Body

According to thesis history, it was found that dry air impact 4 main effects on the human body:

Firstly, dry air intake stand as a potential health risk that can result to respiratory ills such as nosebleeds, sinusitis, asthma and bronchitis, or dehydration since the body looses fluids during respiration.

Secondly, skin dehydration can induce irritation of the skin and itchy eyes.

Thirdly, dry air also have irritating effects on the body such as feeling of static shock which happens at every slightest touch with metal surface due to the low moisture presence.

Fourthly, when the air is too dry, the apparent temperature of the air is usually lower compare to the reading on a thermometer and your bodies feel colder.

The good news, all of these problems can be remedy by raising your indoor humidity level.  This can be achieve by using a humidifier, steam generators, vaporizer or placing larger bucket  or ceramics container full with water in strategic areas of your home. You can also use a wet towel or bathtub containing water to restore moisture. What you should know is that, the lower your room temperature, the faster relative humidity indoor will be restored back to its normal level. A hygrometer will help you to measure the current room humidity level of your indoor so buying one is worth it.

In-respect to point 4, a detailed discussion is required. While your home temperature as indicated by the thermometer maybe 75 degree Fahrenheit, the temperature maybe colder or warmer considering the moisture level of the air. The apparent temperature sometimes differs with up to 8 degree Fahrenheit between a relative humidity of 10 – 80%. Because of lost of moisture, the body cools down when it come in contact with dry air and the feel of coldness intensify as RH decreases. But with an indoor temperature of 70 degree Fahrenheit, for instance, someone will definitely feel colder in dry home environment compare to when in moist environment.  This can be felt particularly when you enter into a dry room after taken your bath.

For, example, you can have a comfortable temperature at home by keeping your thermometer settings to 75 degree F and a 20 percent RH or with a 70 degree Fahrenheit with 80% relative humidity.

The effects of dry air on the body  is not what one should under estimate as it may greatly affects your  overall health.